Am I not remembering this right? I didn't see it on the Bismarck Parks and Recreation's website.  I didn't find it on their Facebook page.  But I had seen somewhere(?) that there was going to be a free swim day for Bis Parks and Rec pools. Seems to find it, I would have to search on- but first...

Go to the website and their Facebook page and check out all kindsa free fun!

FREE Golf lessons for families that don't know squat about golf, but wish they did.  You should! I'm a terrible golfer but it's a sport you compete against yourself and when you do something good(and eventually you will), you'll feel pretty darn proud. (July 14 and August 11)

FREE McDowell Dam Family Day!  Dang! Free Use of paddleboards, kayaks, rowboat, canoes and paddle boats.  All the McDowell Dam day! Tuesday July 20 from 1 pm to 9 pm! EIGHT HOURS Y'ALL! That'll tire out them kids! Bring a lunch and waters and have some fun in I hope the sun! ps...bring sunscreen.

Speaking of sunscreen...did I not mention FREE SWIMMING AT BISMARCK PUBLIC POOLS?

Here's a website called allevents.bismarck and another and they both say the same thing...


Both share this info for Thursday July 22nd from 12 pm to 8 pm...

Free Swimming All Outdoor Pools

Enjoy some swim time at Hillside Aquatic Complex (includes waterslide), Elks Aquatic Center and Wachter Aquatic Complex for FREE. Free swim is first come, first serve until capacity. Time slots for the day will be • Noon – 1:45pm • 2:15 – 4pm • 4:30 – 5:45pm • 6:15 – 8pm

Both have this tagged on their website...

Where is it happening?

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District, 400 E Front Ave, Bismarck, United States

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District
Host or PublisherBismarck Parks and Recreation District

"Hosted By BisParks" so is it true?  Is there a City Wide Pool Party on Thursday July 22nd?

Because if so...we're gonna be there! Bis Parks hit us up in the comments and let's go PILE IN THE POOL!

It's good to be out together again ain't it?


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