On Monday, I posted that the AMC theater is permanently closed. As unfortunate as that is for everyone involved, Bismarck luckily has another theater just down the road from AMC. Get ready for the Grand 22 to open very soon - and for things to be a little bit different. Meaning, you can inexpensively see some of your favorite past releases at The Grand.

Summer is the best time of year for everything, including the newest, biggest blockbuster movies. But thanks to that fun little destroyer of all things good and fun, Coronavirus, a lot of the newest movie release dates have been postponed or released straight to streaming. Because of all that, The Grand will be showing previously released movies for a heck of a deal.

According to The Grand 22's website, the theater is set to open this Friday, May 22nd (or shortly there after, also according to their website). Once the theater opens, you can see any movie showing for just five dollars. They're mostly showing older favorites for the time being, like Twilight (2008) or True Grit (1969), but they're also going to be showing the fairly new release, Trolls World Tour (2020) - all for $5 a seat. Awesome deal, right?

Now, the $5 movie showings won't last forever, because eventually, we'll get the new blockbusters hitting theaters. As things start going back to normal, the theater will get back to normal as well. Get more information on the $5 movie deals and showings on the Grand's website.

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