It's no secret that this year has been a struggle, as we all have journeyed through the coronavirus, lay-offs, businesses closing for good, our economy hit hard. Somehow we have fought through "Self Isolation", quarantine, and battling the "stir-crazy stuck at home" blues. We are taking baby steps, getting out and about again in our community. What can we do to take part in having life come back to semi-normal? Helping our neighbors is what we all should strive to do but for most people, even that's a pretty tall task to achieve.

Let me introduce you to Ken Hall and his wife Cara. A Bismarck couple that is standing tall and taking part in something incredible. With the aid from a friend of theirs residing in Kentucky, a phone call took place just recently, some brand new clothes were offered to be donated to the couple, interested? We are not talking like a few pairs of pants, some shoes, or jackets - How about a million dollars worth of brand new clothes? I'm guessing their decision took about a half-second to make, "YES, please!" The generous Kentuckian loaded up a semi and off it went to Bismarck packed with pallets of men's and women's clothing. Next step, the Halls armed with all the clothes are teaming up with local organizations and will be hosting a million-dollar clothing project in the old Herberger's building at Kirkwood Mall - The event takes place next Thursday, also along with the drive, the Adopt a Block program will provide free food. Amazing people stepping up and giving back to those that really are in need. For more on this story click here.



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