It's here - the GLAM BAG GRAB from HOT 97-5 and Overhaul Salon & Tanning. Every Thursday, Kori B. is hooking you up with glamorous gifts from this amazing salon. Get the scoop on the Glam Bag Grab below.


WHEN DO I PLAY? Every Thursday at 3:20 PM

WHAT DO I DO TO PLAY? Listen for the Glam Bag Grab cue-to-call on HOT 97-5 for your chance to win. When you hear it, call (701) 663-9797. Caller 9 will get to "reach in to the glam bag" and win a prize from Overhaul Salon & Tanning.

WHAT CAN I WIN? Check out what you can win from Overhaul Salon & Tanning below:

  • Haircut
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Product of Choice (up to $70)
  • Unlimited Tanning Package
  • Tanning Lotion with 5 Tanning Sessions


At Overhaul Salon & Tanning, their culture is about friends and family. They will make you feel like it while you're there, too. They make it a point to know each of their guests, so your first time at Overhaul Salon and Tanning will feel as comfortable as if it's your millionth visit. Check out their website to find out why you'll love Overhaul Salon & Tanning.

Overhaul Salon & Tanning, helping YOU look great, and feel even BETTER!


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