The #1 thing I know how to do is party, so the fact that it is Kalyn's 21st birthday is like a holiday in the world of HOT 975! I failed in not being able to take her out at the strike of midnight last night due to ND State Law. However we started January 31st Kalyn's b-day off with a bang today at 11:30am at the Ground Round.

1) Kalyn's mom was recruited and drove in over an hour from Hazen to be the all day birthday designated driver.

2) Drinks were ordered- Kalyn wanted a Jamaican Margarita- done!

3) Every birthday person needs SHOTS- Lemon Drops were ordered a classic combination of Vodka and Lemon Cello well chilled.

4) More drinks ordered and Kalyn is having a 21st birthday buffet of friends, foods,drinks and memories.

5) The party continues

Kalyn is a star at HOT 975 and she truly is a great woman who deserves all the happiness and fun in the world on her birthday and everyday! Check out some of her 21st moments below.

Kalyn, U.S. 103.3 Lar-Dawg and Kalyn's Mom