People all across the country are dead-set on the notion that aliens are conducting abductions

Well, I guess I should prepare myself then, right? Start boarding up the windows, maybe hide my two cats ( although I'm pretty certain the UFO creatures will leave them alone unless they have a cat box on board ) - so here is the deal, the light show that has been in the skies lately is freaking common folks out. They are certain that little green men ( or women? ) are plucking people off the ground and kidnapping them ( unless they are employees from the IRS, then for sure they won't touch them, for fear of a space audit )

This heavenly event has been reported from Walla Walla Washington to Minnesota, and the North and South Dakota

So I'm going to make a wild guess and say that some people, make that a lot of people have never heard of light pillars. According to, there is an explanation for the eerie sky shows across the country. "A rare phenomenon called light pillars were seen beaming up to the night's sky in Beloit, Wisconsin, on Sunday evening. The National Weather Service (NWS) reported over five hours of freezing fog in that area, which create the perfect conditions for light pillars"

Check out what this tweet from Jamestown, North Dakota

Now you can rest easy! You'll have to use a better excuse if you call in sick this week!


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