Let's take a look at some of the things that North Dakotans were most curious about in 2023.

Top Searches

World Population Review looked at Google Trends to find the top 5 searches in each state; you might be surprised at what came up for North Dakota.

Before we look at what people have been looking up in our state, let's take a peek at what's piqued people's interests in other states.

Number One Search

According to the source, the number one search in almost every state for the year 2023 is "Damar Hamlin." He is a football player for the NFL's Buffalo Bills. It appears as though most of the country was interested in him after he went into cardiac arrest from a hit to the chest.

He, as you know, has resumed playing since the health scare.

Number Two Search

Another search we see almost every state with is "Chat GPT." Yes, 2023 was the year of the Chat GPT boom, and I think it's safe to say, that this is only the beginning.

North Dakota

We know that Damar Hamlin and Chat GPT are the top two searches in North Dakota for the year 2023, but what about the other three?

According to the source, the top searches in North Dakota are as follows:

1. Damar Hamlin

2. Chat GPT

3. Super Bowl

4. ND Legislature

5. NFL Playoff Schedule

It would appear that sports and politics have been most top-of-mind for North Dakotans in 2023.

Funny/Interesting Top Searches

Looking at other states, you might find some funny searches come up in the top five. For example, in New Mexico the movie "Cocaine Bear" came in at number five.

Many states had Temu in the top five, and I can't say I'm surprised. Money is tight and Temu's prices are hard to beat.

What about entertainment? -- According to the source, several states had the TV series, "The Last of Us" land in their top five, which is far from a shock; the show is great!

There You Have It

What do you think about North Dakota's top five searches? Are you surprised? Send us a message through the app.


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