As the weather changes and it gets colder outside, the need for comfort becomes greater. If it's not the cold, it's work stress, money stress, and/or family-coming-to-visit stress.

Option A:

You can do what I often do to in stressful situations, and rock back-and-fort, hugging your knees for comfort, or you can go into full snack-attack.

Both is another option.

Anyway, so with the cold and other stressors, we get the munchies. We want our comfort foods. Have you ever wondered what's the greatest snack in North Dakota? If your answer is "No," that's fair... I respect that. I'm going to tell you anyway.

Most Popular Comfort Food In Each State

A company called e-conolight did some research and found the most popular comfort food in each state. They looked at the most popular recipes in each state using Google Trends data.


Most Popular Overall

Across the country, the most-searched, most popular comfort food in the country is grilled cheese. Mmmmm grilled cheese might be for dinner tonight. Fried chicken came in second, and chili also came up in the top spots.

South Dakota

The source found that our sister-from-another-mister's favorite comfort dish is pot roast. That's respectable. I can get down to some pot roast. Another nearby state, Minnesota, was found to like Swedish Meatballs the most.


North Dakota

North Dakota's favorite comfort food is none other than mashed potatoes. We're toddlers. I love it. The source also found the top-searched "Main dish" in each state; North Dakota's was sloppy joes. Cue Adam Sandler, "Lunch lady Land" song.


That's all folks. That's all I know. Enjoy your taters and sloppy sandwiches, and remember, keep your head up.

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