Most of us are always on the go, heading to work, taking kids to and from school, grocery shopping, and who knows what else?! We live busy lives and many of us use this one thing to help give us a little kick in the butt (motivation).

Shaneco did a little research and found each state's most popular source of caffeine; you might be surprised what it found.

According to the source, 85 percent of people in the U.S. consume caffeine every day.

The Most Popular Source Of Caffeine

If you're wondering what's the most popular source of caffeine, overall, it's...drumroll please... TEA. 15 different states, including Colorado, Virginia, and New York, all favor this source of caffeine over others.

What About North Dakota?

North Dakotans love a lot of caffeinated things, but more than anything else, we love...another drumroll, please...Energy Drinks. As a matter of fact, 13 other state picked this as its poison, making it the second most popular source of caffeine, overall.

What About Everywhere Else?

You might think, that coffee is the other big one, but actually it's supplements. Many of us are trying to get healthy and fit, so this makes sense. Caffeine is often in pre-workout supplements/powders.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the jitter juice (Coffee). I will say, I don't think I even drink it for the caffeine; it's more of a morning ritual, and it's a nice warm thing to drink on these cold, North Dakota days.

What's your guilty caffeinated pleasure? Send us a message in the app and let us know!


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