It looks like The Post event venue is up and running again. --They had previously closed the facility for renovations.

According to the venue's Facebook page, the remodel was quite extensive.

The Remodel

The Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation began the remodel all the way back in 2020. After that, Kaufman Woodworks took over the project in October 2021 and finished it to completion. This, according to Michelle Kaufman.

So What's Different?

If your curious like me, you probably want to know what kind of changes were made. Kaufman tells me the building has an entirely new interior, new paint, landscaping, fencing, windows, doors, concrete, and has gotten upgrades to its roof.

It was also mentioned that there is now and outdoor pergola.


I had no idea what a "Pergola" was so I looked it up. If you aren't on the up-and-up like me, it's one of these thingys.


More Coolness

Kaufman tells me there are quite a few things that Bismarck-Mandan brides and grooms are sure to love.

There's now a private guest suite, a new horseshoe bar, kitchen, new bathrooms, flooring, lighting and even furniture.

The Big Reveal

There will be a big reveal of the new and improved venue on October 14th from 5 to 10 pm. "Party at The Post" will have live music, food trucks, a bar, and will be open to all ages.

You can have a little fun and get a peek at what's changed. If you're planning your wedding for next year, you might want to take this opportunity to see if it's the right venue for your nuptials.


If You Don't Know

The Post is more than just an event venue; it has quite the historic charm. It has a frontier theme that fits into the Western, North Dakota vibe we love so much.

A wedding venue is the property's second life, as prior to this, it was the Great Plains Museum.


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