Did you know that you can own honeybees?

Today, I was scrolling the old Facebook newsfeed when I ran across a honeybee advertisement telling me to order honeybees. A girl watches Bee Movie one time and now my social media algorithms are telling me I need to invest in a bee colony. Anyway, I was today years old when I learned that anybody can buy honeybees!

What does it take to become an amateur beekeeper?

Of course, I had to find out what I must do to become a beekeeper (though I have no intentions of caring for bees). It is incredibly involved. Before you even think about purchasing a colony, you have to prepare their living space. There are different ways to feed bees, they need to be acclimated to their new environment, and they require a precise amount of sugar water, among other care details listed in the bee advertisement.

Is it legal for everyone to own bees in North Dakota?

Even though Facebook is telling me I can buy bees, there is actually a law in place regarding beekeeping. You have to get licensed and registered. Not only that, there are actual beehive inspections. So, there are some hoops you are legally supposed to jump through before you start your beekeeping journey.

North Dakota is the number one producer of honey in the country.

Did you know that nobody produces more honey in the country than North Dakota? According to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, "In 2020, North Dakota bees produced 38.6 million pounds of honey valued at over $61 million." That is an insane amount of honey!

How do you feel about being able to purchase bees on the internet?

For your entertainment, here is the trailer for Bee Movie - it is on my "Top 3 Favorite Dreamworks Movies" list:

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