Did you know that North Dakota comes in at number three on the "Top 10 Most Likely States to see a Ghost" list?

I honestly did not know the chance of seeing a ghost in my home state was more likely than spotting one in 47 of our other states! I mean, Massachusetts does not even make the Top 10 list, and that is home of Salem and the Witch Trials and other horror stories. Also, Louisiana did not make the Top 10, and they have voodoo and haunted plantations. Plus, I was told the spirits are trapped there because of the water.

I am not sure how accurate this "Top 10 Most Likely States to See a Ghost" list is, but it is interesting that North Dakota apparently has a bunch of ghosts that want to be seen. So, I had ask people I know if they have ever had any paranormal encounters. Some people had spooky stories, while others were amused that people actually believe in ghosts.

But I think many of us have had strange, unusual, and unexplainable encounters. So, check out some of the creepiest ghost stories I have read about, been told, and my own personal accounts:

Spooky Stories from North Dakotans


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