Christmas can be a stressful time for anyone. A big part of the stress is picking out gifts, not only that will please your loved ones, but also staying within your budget at the same time.

In a survey conducted by Snapfish, they decided to find out what each state in the U.S. spends on Christmas gifts. In North Dakota, we're not exactly splurging on gifts. The survey said that North Dakotans are spending less than $100 on Christmas gifts. However, we're not the only ones taking the cheap route. Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey New Mexico, South Dakota, and Virginia also keep their spending at that level.

According to the survey, the biggest spenders are in Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. They spend more than $1000 every year for Christmas gifts. The rest of the country is spending somewhere between $101 and $500. To view the full map, you can see it here.

So while the holidays can be stressful, while we're either being cheap or seeking out a deal, at least it seems like we're saving some money in North Dakota. That's at least one less thing to worry about this holiday season.

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