Christmas is coming, and isn't it such a magical time?

Catching Santa

The magic of Santa Claus is such a precious thing. We don't want our kids to miss out and stop believing too early. I'm sure you're wondering what we can do to keep that from happening.

Keeping The Magic Alive

There is something that might help you keep your child convinced that Santa Claus is real. You can now get photographic evidence of Santa visiting your house.

How It Works

There's a website you can go to called that allows you to get photos and videos of Santa Claus visiting your house.

Here's what you need to know about how it works (Below).

First, the website says you should download the "Catch Santa in My House" app.

Once you do that, you upload a photo of your Christmas tree or another appropriate area for Santa to be seen dropping off gifts.

The app even allows you to pick different poses for your Santa.

Once you do that, you can edit and touch up the photo. After that, you're done! You have a magical picture or video to show your kids.

I'm sure their faces will light up in delight at finally witnessing Saint Nick in their own home. Plus, it will help you keep those "You better be good, or "I'll call Santa and tell him to put you on the naughty list" threats alive.

Not Just Santa

You can use this not only for Christmas but for other holidays too. You can catch the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Cupid, Reindeer, Elves, and even a Leprechaun! The site/app also has photos for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day.

I hope this helps make your holidays extra special. Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!


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