We do fire drills, active shooter drills, and all kinds of other disaster prep, why not have a game plan when it comes to a zombie apocalypse? I'd argue that every Monday morning, driving south on Washington feels very much apocalyptic. Everyone forgets how to use the gas peddle, and it's a traffic nightmare.


What If?

What if a zombie apocalypse were to hit Bismarck-Mandan? How could we stay alive.

Here's my plan and a few other pointers you might find useful and want to jot down.

1. Transportation

You see this in every zombie movie. People start panicking, wrecking, and stealing.

Everyone will be flooding to the roof of the capitol building; you want to steer clear of this death trap.

Find your own way out. Waiting around in groups is never a good idea. Outbreak can happen all too quick.

Keep in mind, I'm not encouraging theft of any vehicle, but in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I think most laws will fly right out the window. Under that premise, I'd find a car.

If it were me, I'd want a well-maintained truck. Find one and get going.

Option  B:

What if you commandeered the Riverboat? I'm not sure how long you could hang out on the boat, but it would be a great way to make sure no zombies can get you -- just stay on the water.

2. Water & Food

You need to act fast, but you want to stay away from super populated areas. You need food and water, so where do you go? Stick to the smaller grocery stores. Smaller grocery stores mean less zombies.

P.S. -- Live it up while you're there. Have a 28 Days later moment, and grab whatever your heart desires. Chocolate oranges? Yes, please!


3. Entertainment

Don't kid yourself. As nice as it is to survive, we have to have things to do to pass the time while hiding and riding out a zombie apocalypse. Find a bunch of batteries, and get a tape player, a radio, or anything that doesn't need direct power.

You're going to want to listen for emergency broadcasts, and need a little musical pick-me-up from time to time.

If you're feeling really risky and happen to have a pontoon, you can always get out on the river and cruise down and around to see what's going on from a comfortable distance where zombies can't get you. Zombies can't swim, right?

This is a good way to scope out some of those Mandan mansions for your hideout.


4. The Hideout

Where do we go to hide in a zombie apocalypse. If you live in an apartment building, that might not be the best place to stay.

You could totally pull a Dawn of the Dead and ride it out in the Kirkwood Mall, or even hang out on a roof and play the look-a-like game.

5. Don't Be Dumb

Stay out of downtown Bismarck! There are too many alley's and parking garages. Danger would be lurking everywhere. If you have a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, get going.

6. Trust No One

"North Dakota Nice" should be well out the window by now. If you're in a zombie apocalypse, be wary. Don't get me wrong, if you have a friend with a doomsday bunker, call them immediately. If not, treat everyone and everything with caution.

Thank you for reading my very hypothetical, zombie apocalypse survival guide for Bismarck-Mandan. TTFN!


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