I remember the very first season of American Idol. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini went head-to-head as people watched at home in their living rooms.

Families, friends, and neighbors were all divided on who they wanted to win. It was truly a captivating moment in entertainment history.

To date, 21 seasons of the show have aired, producing stars left and right.

Want To Audition?

Have you always wanted to be a singer? Have you dreamed of standing on a stage pouring your heart into a song?

If your answer is yes, I have some good news for you.

American Idol audition producers are hosting auditions for every state.

It's called "Idol Across America." You can go to the show's website, and select "North Dakota" and choose a time that works for you for a virtual audition.

North Dakota's audition date is August 9th.

North Dakota Auditions

That's right, you can audition for American Idol without having to leave the comfort of your home. How cool is that?!

If in-person auditions are more your thing, no worries they will still be doing those kind of auditions too.

Eligibility Requirements

Keep in mind, that there are some eligibility requirements for anyone who wishes to audition for American Idol.

You will notice the first question it asks you is if you were born between June 2nd, 1994 and February 15th, 2009. -- Guess I missed my shot

There are a bunch of other eligibility requirements you might want to read through before you give it a go.

The show is slated to run later this year, in December.


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