I'd been meaning to watch the Netflix documentary "Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer." It took me a while to watch, partly because I was watching other shows, and partly because I didn't want to watch cats being tortured. Let me tell you, I was not prepared to witness the most insane internet sleuthing story I've ever seen in my life.

If you haven't seen the documentary, but are a true crime fan, add "Don't F**k with Cats" to your queue immediately. It's only three, hour-long episodes, so it's an easy watch. You will be glued to your television while watching this dark Catch Me If You Can-esque crime story unfold.

I won't ruin the story with all the details, but I'll give you some insight. In case you don't want any story information, SPOILER ALERT: Back in 2010, some internet-saavy people witnessed a video of a mysterious man suffocate two kittens in a vacuum-seal bag. These people started a Facebook group to track the person, knowing this cat killer was seeking attention and would likely turn to killing people if he wasn't caught.

They were right. This person brutally murdered another male, after releasing two more shocking cat-killing videos. The internet sleuths tried time and time-again to alert authorities about the killer with information they had gathered on the murderer. They did this BEFORE he murdered a human, but were ignored until it was too late. And the killer incredibly evaded being known until his identification was found, thrown out with his human victim.

I know this story is wild, and almost seems like a movie plot, but it was real life. What blew me away most about this story, though, is how regular people did some hardcore internet "trolling" to find this person - Luka Magnotta. They got their information and pinpointed Magnotta by combing through his videos, pictures, Google searches, and group collaberations on a Facebook page. Over the course of two years, these regular people solved a crime without a bit of professional guidance.

I was inspired. Not that I want to get involved with a crime or watch snuff videos, but I would love to solve a crime. And I would love to be smart enough to gather enough information, only using the internet and fellow online crime-solvers. Have you ever helped solve a crime, online or otherwise?


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