We've all had desperate moments where the snacks in the vending machine start to look pretty tasty.

We try to resist temptation, but on those days where you forget your lunch, it's hard not to pull out that crinkly dollar bill you had rolling around the bottom of your purse and treat yourself.

The Struggle





We've all experienced this. We've all been personally attacked by the evil that is the malfunctioning vending machine.

We've all lost a dollar to one. -- I consider it a tribute to the vending machine gods. One must suffer for us all to enjoy.

What Do You Do?

There are two things you do when your item gets stuck in a vending machine.

1. You curse the world, then ask your coworkers for money, so you can try again (To no avail).

2. You get creative. If you're the type of person, who doesn't take defeat well, you might try reaching your arm up it's skirt. You might even try to give it a good shake.

Is That Legal?

Technically, there's no law that specifically says you can't shake a vending machine, but there are other laws that can be used to punish those guilty of vending machine-rage.

If you cause any damage to the machine, you can get charged with vandalism. In some instances it could bee considered criminal mischief, Taking more than you purchased, of course, is theft.

What SHOULD You Do?

On any/all vending machines, it states that if you encounter any issues purchasing their products, you are to contact the owner. The owner's phone number is usually printed on a sticker on the side of the machine.

The problem with that is there's no immediate fix. You're out the snack, out the dollar, and still starving. I get it. Tis a tough world.


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