When the Grand Forks County Fair got cancelled the other day, I think many of us knew it was only a matter of time before other fairs in North Dakota cancelled for the 2020 summer season. Of course, the North Dakota State Fair (Minot) and the Red River Valley Fair (West Fargo) followed suit and cancelled as well yesterday. If you're worried you may not get to have fun at ANY fair in North Dakota this year, there may be hope for at least one.

If you want to go to a fair this year, you may need to travel nearly to Canada to the Bottineau County Fair. The fair was originally scheduled for June 11-14, 2020, but like all the other cancelled fairs, Coronavirus has caused the Bottineau County Fair to be postponed. According to KFYR-TV, there are hopes that the fair can be held in the fall. So, there's still a chance to have a little summer fair fun, just not at time of year that we had originally hoped.

I am actually from Bottineau County, so my family and I spent summers camping and boating at Lake Metigoshe. Of course, we hit up the fair from time-to-time. One of my favorite concert memories is from the Bottineau County Fair. When I was about 12, I loved the Country Music duo Blue County (if you don't remember them, are you even a true Country Music fan?). I was ecstatic when I learned they were playing in Bottineau. I was front-and-center at the stage AND I even got to meet them. I still get giddy when I think about that time in my life.

What are your favorite memories from a local county or state fair?


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