Is violent crime on the rise in North Dakota?

North Dakota seems like it is a fairly safe place to live. Ever since I was little, I remember people talking about "North Dakota Nice" and how bad things "happen elsewhere, to other people." So, I looked into crime statistics for North Dakota - specifically, violent crimes and aggravated assault.

Crime Stats has charts of types of violent crimes, victims, criminals, and more. Some of the most interesting statistics I learned about violent crimes include:

  • Aggravated assault is by-far the most common type of violent crime
  • The age range for most victims AND perpetrators was between 25 and 34
  • The most commonly used weapons are personal weapons - hands, feet, arms, mouth

The Crime Stats data is taken from the year 2019. I used the highest numbers from that year to configure a gallery with information about the violent crimes happening in North Dakota. Even though we do not yet have data for 2020, it seems that violent crime may slowly be on the rise in our state.

North Dakota Violent Crime Statistics

While there are quite a few crimes committed in North Dakota, violent crime tends to me the most common. Crime Stats has a full breakdown of North Dakota crime, in general. This gallery is specifically about the violent crimes happening in our state.

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