Life has rapidly changed in the past week or so, and now we're constantly bombarded by Coronavirus news. We need a break from the craziness. Thank goodness for March 23rd, because it's National Puppy Day. Let me tell you about my puppy.

While my dog is teeny-tiny, she is no longer technically a puppy. But she'll always be my sweet pup. Penelope is an eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who I've had since she was eight-weeks-old. I was a sophomore in college who was dying to get a dog to take care of. I found a reputable breeder in eastern North Dakota, and waited for an email to tell me I could pick out my new-born Yorkie.

As soon as I saw her one-week old picture, I knew she was the one for me. Eight weeks later, my mom and I picked up Penelope and now eight years have flown by. We've been through the biggest things in life together and I can't imagine life without my sweet and sleepy little lap dog.

Check out some of her best pics below:

Are you celebrating National Puppy Day with your fur-kid?

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