As if being a kid is not already hard enough, being bullied can make someone's life hell. A Jamestown high schooler has allegedly been dealing with his bullies for some time. But now, his bullies have assaulted him, and there is video evidence. The boy's father is outraged because he has already tried to prevent this type of thing from happening.

Valley News Live reports that Chris Carneal, Jr., a Junior in high school, is the victim of intense bullying at his school in Jamestown. The young man's father, Chris Carneal, Sr., told Valley News Live that this has been an ongoing event in his son's life. Recently, Chris Jr. endured physical violence at the hands of his bullies. And this is not a case of he said-he said - there is video evidence of Chris Jr.'s assault. Learn more about what happened and watch the news clip for the video here.

While I understand that we do not know the whole situation, there are two sides to every story, etc., assault is inexcusable... and criminal! As stated above, Chris Sr. told Valley News Live that his son was already being harassed and that something needed to be done about it.

How did it get to the point that Chris Jr. had hands on him? Why does it have to get to this point for a victim's pleas to be taken seriously? And will this be taken seriously?

If you watch the interviews, you can see pain in both Chris Jr.'s and Sr.'s eyes and the the pain in their voices. And something like getting a beating by your schoolmates must take a toll on a person so young, physically and emotionally. I hope that Chris Jr. will get a chance to enjoy the remainder of his high school experience, and I hope that his bullies have to pay some consequences for their actions.

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