The Syrian Electronic Army caused some serious havoc in the pop culture world and on E!'s Twitter handle over the weekend, falsely outing Justin Bieber as gay.

The group hacked the accounts of The Associated Press and The BBC, as well, posting much more terrifying info, like saying Barack Obama was injured in a White House explosion. But they were equal opportunity hackers, going after everyone, including the world's most famous teenager.

At 1PM ET on Saturday, May 4, the organization took over E!'s Twitter feed, claiming it had an exclusive that The Biebs was coming out. It boasted a fake link and was followed by another tweet about the singer's on-off ex Selena Gomez supporting his decision to come out.

An hour later, the breach was revealed and the SEA issued a victorious tweet to Beliebers, which read: "The Syrian Electronic Army was here! Fans of @justinbieber, you have been trolled by @Official_SEA12 #SEA."

E! wrested operation of the account back from the SEA, and let fans know that they were the victims of a hack. You can see their damage control tweet below.

You can see screen shots of the tweets before they were deleted.

What a mess!

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