It appears that Justin Bieber just can't let go of ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Even though the couple has reportedly split, with the Biebs admitting that he is not in the happiest of places right now and that the tabloids get it all wrong when it comes to rumors about his romance, he still texts Gomez. A lot. So much that it's irritating the singer/actress.

It would stand to reason that the Biebs would use texts to try and communicate, since he is a millennial and the most-followed person on Twitter. He is used to communicating in snack-sized fashion. However, at a recent Grammys soiree, Gomez reportedly complained that he "is always texting her."

But the volume of texts isn't making a dent in Gomez's hardened heart. A source says Bieber invited her on tour and on vacation, "but she said no 100 times. She is bored by his bulls---. She is dying to move on from him and wants to grow on her own as not just his girlfriend."

Drama, drama, drama.