Justin Bieber apparently got so incensed while in the heat of "battle" with a woman at a gym in North Carolina on Tuesday (Jan. 22) that he mocked her workout routine, cussed at her and even spit in her water bottle. OMG, what's wrong with him? Does he have some type of roid-like rage when working out, as his testosterone and adrenaline build? Eh, not so fast. The Biebs camp steadfastly denies the woman's seemingly preposterous claims.

Colette Harrington, a radio host in North Cackalacka, told TMZ she was working out at the Ritz-Carlton, minding her bidness. Wait, working out at a chic hotel? What's wrong with L.A. Fitness or like Bally's?

Never mind that. Harrington claims that the singer, who was in town to perform that night, waltzed into the gym with a two-person crew. One may have been a trainer, the other a backup dancer from his onstage posse.

This presented a photo opp for Harrington. She asked Biebs to take a pic, but he said no. Maybe he only stops to pose with young Beliebers, ones that aren't old enough for driver's licenses? Or maybe he doesn't like to be bothered when wailing on his pecs.

Harrington resumed her workout when she said she heard the teen and his entourage making fun of her. She said, "I always count out loud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say 'Shut the f---up.'" Really? They have that kind of time?

She then claims someone spit blue Gatorade into her water bottle when she wasn't looking. She doesn't know if it was Biebs or one of his cronies who hauled off and hocked into her beverage. She actually drank some of it, too. She didn't look before she leapt!

If it was the Biebs's saliva, we can think of many Beliebers who wouldn't have minded that swallow. Harrington is actually going to sell the bottle on eBay and use the funds to help the local Ronald McDonald House upgrade its kitchen, since she volunteers there. At least she sees the value in the Biebs' spit for Beliebers. It's a new twist on making lemonade out of a lemon.

Still, Harrington filed a complaint at the hotel.

The Biebs camp has shot down Harrington's story as ridic. They claim it's rubbish, instead saying that Bieber and his trainer were making comments to one another, not her.

Team Biebs or Team Harrington?

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