Any opportunity I get to brag about my "kids," I am going to take it. They many be fuzzy and four-legged, but I love them as if they were my own kids. Seriously, Aidan and I do almost everything with Penelope and Raspy. In celebration of National Dog Day today (August 26), I will bombard you with pictures of Penelope and tell you why Yorkshire Terriers are the best dogs.

I think North Dakotans are typically big dog people. I used to be - I grew up with a Black Labrador and a Golden Retriever. When I was in college, dreaming of a pup of my own, I wanted a big one - either an Afghan Hound or a Great Dane. But my mom talked me out of it because it would be hard to have a big dog in an apartment. So, I decided that I would need to do some research before I decided on the type of little dog I wanted.

At the time, I still babysat my parents' friends' kids and I was watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua with one of them. I saw the most adorable Yorkshire Terrier in the movie and decided that would be my ideal little dog. I did my research and found that a Yorkie would, in fact, be the perfect dog for me. And Penelope is the best.

Here's what I've learned from experience WHY Yorkies make great apartment dogs:

  • They sleep A LOT - When I researched Yorkies, I learned they can sleep something crazy like 16 hours a day. It's true, Penelope LOVES HER BEAUTY SLEEP.
  • They are independentPenelope will play with others, but she can also entertain herself. I don't have to worry about her destroying things, because she will make her own fun with her toys and bones.
  • They can be calm and quiet - I do not like yippy dogs. So, I had to train Penelope to mind her manners. She's always calm, cool, and collected (but she has her yippy moments).

Happy National Dog Day! Why is your dog a great dog?

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