This guy's name is so long you'll need to catch your breath while saying it.

The man in this 2010 video that is just now starting to trend says he decided to change his name because he was in court so much and thought it would be funny to create a moniker that was "long and difficult" that officials would be forced to say.

Mission accomplished.

After initially changing his name to "Oddsocksmcweirdoeltuttifruttifartohell­ohippotamusbum," he went ahead and did it again six months later to make it more "dignified." The new name? "OddsocksmcweirdoeltuttifruttiMrfartohell­ohippotamusbumIthinkwecanallliveincooper­ationasfreeindividualswithouthurtingourf­ellowsentientbeingsbutwewillhavetoworkon­ittheworldisforsharing." Yup, definitely more dignified.

He claims it's his "full legal surname," although we cannot verify if that's true.

For those of you keeping stats, that's one name, 21 letters (only j,q,x,y and z aren't used) and 183 characters, which means it's too long for a tweet. We timed it and it took him 15 seconds to spit out, so we really hope he's got a nickname that's easier to say, like "Odd Socks" or "O.S." or "Captain Crazy."

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