An Underwood, N.D. man faces charges today (Jul 22) after setting a garage on fire in a meth-induced attempt to kill his wife, who he was convinced had poisoned him.

Joshua Wirkus, 35, admitted to police that he had been using meth when he became delusional and got it into his head that his wife, Meagan Wirkus, 33, had given him poison.

He decided to get even by setting the garage in which he believed she was, on fire, using PVC glue as fuel.

Meagan Wirkus was not in fact in the garage, escaping her husband's attempt on her life; however, she did not escape facing charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

Joshua Wirkus faces charges of his own:  endangering by fire and ingesting a controlled substance.

The couple's two young children were later found by themselves in the Wirkus' apartment.