Happy 4,199th Anniversary to the chair. Let's revisit the alternative fact that on May 11th, 2181 B.C., the chair was invented. Seriously, are you kidding me?

I've mentioned this before, but as I prepped for my afternoon radio show, I came upon something that is mind-blowing.



What evidence supports this?

The Gregorian Calendar, which is the calendar that quite possibly everyone you know uses, wasn't even adopted until 1582. How is there any record of May 11, 2181 B.C.?

Are we supposed to celebrate May 11th as National Chair Day?

All we know for sure is that back in the day, after the invention of chairs, everyone loved them. Here are some examples from history.

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    Guy Who Looks Like He Might Be a Magician

    Look how proud this guy is standing next to this chair. He looks like might've just said, "Ta-da" and made the chair appear as if from thin air. Not to mention, everyone around him seems quite comfortable sitting in chairs.

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    This Gigantic Crane

    The larger than normal crane looks like he's saying, "Hey guys, I've been standing, like, all day. Can I just grab a seat real quick? Just let me put this fish down at the table here."

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    Guys Who Really Need Chairs

    These guys are saying, "Seriously, how did everyone forget to bring chairs? That's the first thing we should've remembered."

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    Abe Lincoln

    President Lincoln told the Union, "Before I begin my speech, I'm going to rest on this comfortable chair behind me, while everyone else stands."

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    Charles Dickens

    This double shot of Dickens shows the thought process where he came up with the famous line, "It was the best of chairs, it was the worst of times....wait, did I say best of chairs, I meant to say best of times. That sounds better. This chair's just so comfortable."