Roughly 38 children die in a car from heat-related causes each year. After hearing this alarming statistic, 11-year-old Andrew Pelham of Nashville wanted to help.

Even the best parents can forget about a quiet, sleeping baby in the backseat. On a hot summer day a serious injury or death can occur in as little as fifteen minutes.

Pelham entered his invention, the E-Z Baby Saver, in the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventers and won second place. The neon-colored strap is made out of duct tape and rubber bands. It attaches behind the driver's seat and to the door handle once inside the vehicle. The driver is then unable to get out without removing the strap, reminding them that a child is still in the car.

Instead of selling the E-Z Baby Saver, Pelham started a website that gives step-by-step instructions on how to make your own.

His invention may seem simple, but it can decrease, if not eliminate, the number of deaths in children left in hot cars per year.

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