The ever-so-popular McRib is making its seasonal return to McDonald's menu next week and there are new items being added to the franchise's breakfast menu.

McDonald's took to Twitter to make the announcement of the popular menu favorite, the McRib, which is only available during certain times of the year.

And yes, the McRib Locator Map is a real thing, but as the tweet notes, the sandwich will not be available until Monday, October 29th.

That's already big news, especially for traditional McDonald patrons, but there's more...

McDonald's is also planning to launch Triple Breakfast Stacks of the Biscuit, McGriddles, and McMuffin. According to Fortune Magazine, the triple stacks will be fully loaded with the triple the amount of meat, two sausage patties and bacon, also with two slices of American cheese, and an egg. That will start on Thursday, November 1st.

It's uncertain as to how long the new breakfast menu items will be available for after their launch.

McDonald's said in a press release that the idea for the new items came to fruition after seeing several customers changing up their breakfast orders to include more meat in their sandwiches.

As someone who can appreciate a filling breakfast sandwich on the go, I am going to be that guy and say that when it comes to this idea, I'm lovin' it.

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