'Hannah Montana' fans are in for a treat. What appears to be an unreleased demo from the Disney TV show has leaked via a Miley fansite, and the peppy track brings us right back to the good old Disney days of Miley Cyrus.

‘Beach Weekend’ sounds just like the pop-rock-country blend you’d expect from the completed series. It’s upbeat and happy, which fits the title and lyrics that are focused on a fun trip to the beach.

The lyrics are just as bubbly as the tempo, emphasized even more by Miley’s twangy voice. “Every day up before the sun’s up,” the pop star sings, “quick shower then dress and head to Starbucks.”

She continues to outline her day but admits she can’t stop “dreamin’ about the shoreline,” which we totally get. Who wants to worry about homework and school when there’s beach time to be had? Luckily for Miley — er, Hannah — she’s “going to the beach this weekend … putting on suntan lotion, hope to cause a little commotion.”

Smilers have been throwing out guesses that the unused song is from around the time of ‘Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus,’ putting the song at about seven years old. Talk about a flashback.

Not that we don’t love the new twerk-happy Miley, but the leaked tune still makes us feel warm and fuzzy remembering the four seasons we got to spend following the crazy antics of the in-disguise teen pop star.

Check out the full Hannah Montana song below: