A child sex trafficking scandal is being linked to the Minnesota GOP.

It was reported that, on August 12, 2021, a man named Anton Lazzaro and a woman named Gisela Castro Medina were arrested in Florida for trafficking underage children. The two suspects have connections to Minnesota. Specifically, Lazzaro has made donations to the Minnesota Republican party and has ties to the GOP chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan.

Why are Minnesota Republicans calling for the resignation of chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan?

After the arrests, Carnahan made statements that caused her own party to call for her resignation. Why? Because she and her husband reportedly "issued statements highlighting Lazzaro’s legal right to due process." There are other reported reasons added to the call for her resignation, but we will get to those.

How are Carnahan and Lazzaro connected?

Carnahan and Lazzaro 100% have ties. In fact, on top of Lazarro making donations to the Minnesota GOP, Bring Me the News reports that he did a podcast in 2019-2020 with Carnahan. KVRR reports that Lazzaro was also at her 2018 wedding.

What exactly did Jennifer Carnahan say/ do when the trafficking scandal came to light?

Yes, the reports say Carnahan did express that Lazzaro has a right to due process, but that is not all she said or did about the matter. According to KVRR, she ALSO stated that the charges "...are heinous and disturbing. Conviction of these charges warrants punishment to the fullest extent of the law and we fully anticipate justice will be served." That same story states that her husband said that Lazzaro's donations were going to be donated to charity.

Simply having a friendship with Lazzaro does not mean Carnahan is connected to his crimes in any way.

Let me start this by saying that it is not out of the question that Jennifer Carnahan could be more involved with this situation than we know... My issue with this situation about Carnahan being asked to resign is, in this particular instance, she has not done anything wrong. It is factually accurate that he has a right to due process. But she is not even defending Lazzaro, and she is actively showing that. She publicly stated that she is disgusted by the situation, and the money Lazzaro donated to the party is being donated.

Without any facts backing her involvement with Lazzaro's deviance, it makes no sense to me that her party would want her out over this. Again, there are other reasons they may want her gone (more on that coming up), but this one seems bogus. Unless there is proof that Carnahan knew about/ was involved with the alleged trafficking, she does not deserve this particular type of backlash.

No one knows what goes on in the personal lives of others. I hate to say it, but most of us probably know or have encountered a person who is evil incarnate. Having your job and livelihood threatened for merely knowing/ associating with someone who has a secret life is ludicrous. But let's get to legitimate reasons that Jennifer Carnahan's position should be evaluated.

What are the actual reasons that Minnesota Republicans should pay attention to Carnahan's actions?

If her party is so concerned about Carnahan, they need to go after her for different reasons other than being connected to Lazzaro (unless her connection is deeper than being reported). Minnesota Reformer states that Carnahan allegedly has people sign non-disclosure agreements. She may or may not have also been involved with a sexual misconduct situation in Georgia (exact details are unclear).

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