Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation and Tractor Supply Company is making $5,000 donation to Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue!

Miranda Lambert may be one of the most badass, tough women in Country Music, but even a #HardcoreBossWoman has a soft spot for things that are fluffy. Miranda Lambert has worked many years to helping dogs in need everywhere with MuttNation Foundation. And MuttNation Foundation and Tractor Supply Company teamed up, raised money for dogs, and will donate money to an animal rescue in every state.

Can you guess which North Dakota pet rescue gets the donation? It is actually a local shelter - Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue! According to MuttNation.com In order for a shelter to qualify for the donation from the "Mutts Across America" donation campaign, Furry Friends had to meet certain criteria including:

  • High Adoption Rate
  • High Volunteerism
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • High Activity/Fundraising
  • Specialty
  • Community Presence
  • Website & Social Media Presence
  • Advocacy

This is the first year that Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue has been recognized by "Mutts Across America." In 2018, Central Dakota Humane Society was the recipient; in 2019, it was Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue; and in 2020, the donation was awarded to Homeward Animal Shelter. You can see all the past and present recipients of the "Mutts Across America" donations here.

According to MuttNation.com, there is no application process to be awarded a donation. After researching and vetting shelters, the winning organizations are "surprised with the grant." The website also says that the "Mutts Across America" cause has supported "more than 350 shelter with over $1.25 million in grants."

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