I've lived in the Copper Ridge development now for going on 2 plus years.

It's a beautiful area that is located two miles south of Lincoln, and southeast of the city of Bismarck.  It's a scenic area with the foothills of the Missouri just a few miles to south.  I think most of us chose to live out in Copper Ridge because we wanted a home with a country living feeling.  My neighbor even has chickens.   You get that "country living" feeling with large lots and abundant wildlife all around you.

Whitetails, big Mule deer, pheasants, grouse, turkeys, geese, ducks, and numerous other critters can be seen going to and from work everyday.  I've had a coyote in my backyard before.  You can hear them howling nightly.  If you love nature and don't mind a 20 minute drive into town everyday, you'll love Copper Ridge.

Sunday night I heard the faint sound of a dog barking steadily.

I guess not all that unusual, as some dog owners seem to be tone deaf to that kind of thing.  I made a comment to my Mrs. as we were working in the yard, "How can anybody just let their dog bark like that?"

Well, as it turns out maybe that dog had a reason to be barking uncontrollably. 

According to Facebook post on the Lincoln, ND Community Group, a Copper Ridge development resident had a run in with a Mountain Lion.  Apparently a dog was barking like crazy, after the owner had let it out to do his business very early Monday morning.  When the owner went to check on the dog, he saw a Mountain Lion on the patio.  The cat had cornered the dog.  Thankfully, when the owner opened his door, the Mountain Lion jumped off and scampered off.

I can't help but wonder if the dog I heard barking Sunday evening, also got a whiff of that Mountain Lion.  I hunt ducks sometimes along the river south of our development.  There was one time where my Yellow Lab started acting really weird while we were along the Missouri.  The fur on her back was up and she was barking loudly at nothing.  I could tell something was wrong, so we got out of there.  When I asked the landowner where my truck was parked if he had ever seen a Mountain Lion before?  He pointed to three different areas on his land, where he had shot one before.  So, that's a big fat yes.

Country living, I guess Mountain Lions go with the territory.


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