So far, 2020 has been a wild and uncertain ride. Now, we have to worry about "Murder Hornets"? Seeing the headline about "Murder Hornets" can be terrifying, but we have to worry more about our bees than our our own lives and safety.

CBS News is saying that the hornets were first spotted in Washington State in December. The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) describes the hornets as 1.5- 2 inches long with large, orange/yellow heads and prominent eyes. So, do humans need to worry about "Murder Hornet" attacks?

While "Murder Hornets"  can be deadly to humans, these creatures aren't out to sting the human race to death. According to The New York Times, in Japan, "Murder Hornets" (aka Vespa mandarinia or Asian giant hornets) only kill about 50 people a year. They seem terrifying, but we humans and our pets generally won't have to worry about an attack, according to WSDA. Like with most creatures, leave them alone and they should leave you alone.

What do we need to worry about with "Killer Hornets"? According to CBS News, we need to worry about the them affecting the United States' bee populations. Which could be bad news for North Dakota, as our state is the number one honey producer in the country, according to The hornets wipe out entire bee colonies by decapitating them.

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