The 2013 legislative session opened Tuesday in North Dakota. Governor Jack Dalrymple addressed the legislature with the state of our state now and into the future. Here are some highlights from the speech:

*North Dakota's oil production has increased in 2 years from 460,000 barrels to 750,000 barrels

*Natural Gas Production has doubled

*Planned investment of natural gas plant development near Spiritwood that would convert natural gas to nitrogen fertilizer.

*Challenges of rapid growth in oil patch- including housing shortages, stresses infrastructure, need for more law enforcement,need for more child care options and regulatory options.

*$500 million project to create long term flood protections and water supply project investments

Governor Dalrymple honored the lives of ND National Guardsmen Specialist Tyler Orgaard and Sergeant Darren Linde and recognized outstanding businesses in North Dakota. To read the full State of the State speech recap read here.