We've all wished it... that we could get paid to sit around and watch tv all day. Well, Netflix is looking for a couple of people to do just that!

First downside to this new position is that Netflix is looking for people based in the U.K. to watch new additions to it's massive online streaming library to help create objective tags to help categorize the media. Downside number 2 for most, it also requires a degree in 'film or film history and/or experience directing, screening writing or filmmaking." (unfortunately for me... I never pursued that degree. Didn't think it would lead to anything...)

If you happen to meet those criteria, then Netflix wants to hear from you! Now if only they'd relax the restrictions and let me do it. I'm sure I could find great tags for them like "Crazy Witty British RomCom's With Quirky Lead Females." There's gotta be at least 1-2 movies out there that would qualify.