Move over, Hooters, North Dakota is getting a new breastaurant this year!

According to KVRR (Fargo), Twin Peaks is coming to Fargo this fall. The new restaurant will bring 150 new jobs to Fargo. It will be located at 1515 42nd St. South. Get the full story from KVRR here.

In honor of Twin Peaks coming to our state, I have to share my very first Twin Peaks experience. Years ago, when my fiance and I had just moved to Denver, we decided to spend a Sunday, watching football at this place called Twin Peaks. The menu looked unique and delicious, and I am always excited to try new places, so I could not wait to give it a shot.

When we were approaching the restaurant, I noticed that the sign read "Twin Peaks - Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views." I was totally confused because one side of the restaurant faced a parking lot and the other side faced a couple of gas stations and a highway. But, when I walked in, I realized why this restaurant was called "Twin Peaks" and knew exactly what kind of "scenic views" I would be looking at for that meal.

I had no idea that my beer and food would be served by gorgeous, scantily clad women - I still laugh every time I tell this story. But, honestly, you will not just go to this place "for the hot wings," Twin Peaks is a great spot to eat, drink, and watch sports.

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