Chatime is now open in Bismarck. You might have seen the sign go up a while back and wondered when it would be open, and what it would be; here's what I know: according to the store's Facebook page, the business is having a soft opening today (Sunday, June 5th).

The store is located at 551 South Seventh Street in Bismarck. Since the move of Barnes & Noble, there have been a lot of changes to the Southridge Center strip mall.

Giving You The Tea

Bubble Tea goes by several different names across the world. You might hear it called "Pearl Teas," or "Tapioca Tea." According to the drink originally comes from Tiawan.


The Recipe

According to Thrillist, you will find either green, black, or milk tea with crushed ice as the base of the drink. A mixture of different syrups and toppings help to make it a certain flavor. You may find some of these drinks to have caffeine and/or fruit slices.

What Are Boba Balls?

Thrillist explains the boba balls you often see in the bottom of the drinks are actually rolled up cassava root, that are coated in brown sugar and/or sweet syrup. Yes, you can, and should eat them.

A Growing Trend

You may have noticed this isn't the only boba tea shop to recently opening Bismarck; it seems to be growing in the area -- and for good reason. Where I'm from, in Illinois, we had a "Boba Bubble Tea" shop on the strip. It was a college hangout spot, where all the cool kids would go, so naturally, it was very odd to see me there, but it was not only a unique, different kind of drink, but very much about thee experience.

The Big Day

I reached out to the owners to find out when they will be celebrating a "Grand Opening," but have yet to receive word. In any case, they are open, serving up 'tiny bubbles' to the Bismarck community.


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