There is a new restaurant coming to Bismarck and we don’t have many of these!

You Could Easily Miss It

Driving around town in North Bismarck, you might have a hard time catching this little Easter egg. It just so happens that someone did spot a little sign, giving us much hope and excitement.


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Poke One

On the north end of town, if you're looking hard enough, you will notice that there is a "Poke One" sign that reads, "Coming soon."

If you're like me, you're wondering, "What is Poke One? A bar? A store? A barbershop?"

So it turns out, it is a Hawaiian-style restaurant. Poke One will be located in the old Erbert and Gerbert's building, next to Kirkland's and Star Nails.  

I also heard this restaurant would be more of the traditional Hawaiian foods.

This is exciting news and something to expand our taste palates!! I'm sure most people in Bismarck will be anxious to give it a try.

***Heads Up: I reached out for confirmation and an opening date, but have yet to hear back. Stay tuned! ***

What Is Poke?

If you’re curious, poke is, traditionally, marinated raw, tuna salad, but there are different variations that have been surfacing lately ,according to

Poke is diced raw fish and sauce served as either an appetizer main course, and is served in the form of a bowl. It has a lot of multicolored ingredients; everything from fresh fish to raw veggies, all mixed within the same bowl .

Poke bowls generally contain healthy ingredient ingredients.

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