Bismarck has a new roundabout

Exciting North Dakota construction news: Bismarck has a new roundabout located on Rosser and 16th! Now, instead of having to come to a complete four-way stop at the intersection, traffic can allegedly scoot more swiftly through a roundabout of orange cones. But I am left wondering, "Are roundabouts really necessary in North Dakota?"

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There are exactly two types of roads I hate driving on in North Dakota:

  1. Cloverleaf Exits - In my opinion, the worst cloverleaf exit to drive on Bismarck-Mandan is the one that treacherous loop off Exit 156, heading towards Mandan.
  2. Roundabouts - I understand that roundabouts are meant to keep traffic flowing, but I feel like we do not really have the traffic to justify roundabouts. Also, how many North Dakotans even want to use roundabouts? I do not know many who are in favor. And, according to Rockin' Rick, we all do roundabouts wrong, anyway!
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Why is there a new roundabout at 16th and Rosser?

According to the City of Bismarck's website, the roundabout is currently temporary, but it may become permanent. The report states that the current structure will be in place for about two weeks. If residents turn out to be in favor of the roundabout, it will the location will become permanent.

As of right now, the roundabout is kind of confusing. It is seriously just a ton of orange cones arranged in a circle (check the pictures above).

What do you think about the new roundabout in Bismarck?

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