The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and living in North Dakota for four years has taught me one thing: we love our country.

That said, how much do we actually love it? A study was done by WalletHub, and it ranked all the states on how patriotic they are.

I bet you're wondering, "How do you measure patriotism?" The source looked at 13 different things to determine this. They looked at number of military enlistees, veterans, how many people voted in the last presidential campaign, along with several other things.

Least Patriotic

First, I'm curious; which state is the LEAST patriotic? According to the source, Arkansas is the least patriotic of all the states. I find this very surprising.


Most Patriotic

This should shock you all too much; the most patriotic state is Virginia. With it bordering our nation's capital, you would expect this. Montana and Alaska follow closely behind.

North Dakota

So, where does North Dakota fall? North Dakota is one of the highest-ranking states for patriotism. We come in at number four, right behind Alaska.

Source: WalletHub


I knew we were a patriotic bunch, but I had no idea we would rank this high.

Something I found surprising: North Dakota ranks in last place among all other 50 states for military enlistment. I have to believe that's only because our population is lower, but what do I know.

Fourth of July Info

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