A new study says North Dakota's population is on the rise, and so is the need for more affordable housing.

According to researchers at North Dakota State University, a new study shows that North Dakota's population will grow to 891,000 by the year, 2029. The 20 percent increase is said to increase the need for more affordable housing for more low-income residents.

The study suggests that North Dakota's urban centers will see the most growth through 2029, as more people will migrate to bigger cities for a better economy and services. For better projections, the study provides information about how much, and what kind of housing North Dakota will need throughout the next decade.

As for the need for low-income housing, it seems to be trending upward and fast. In 2013, there were a state record 2069 homeless people, as counted during a survey. Since then, that number has decreased to a four-year low of 923, as counted during a survey this past January.