A new report says that crime in North Dakota is up nearly 10 percent over the past year.

The state of North Dakota has posted its largest increase in the per-capita crime rate in five years and the most homicide deaths in over 20 years. The per-capita crime rate is up 9.8 percent, which more than doubles the 4.4 rate from 2014.

The rating, as released from the North Dakota Attorney General's Office, is also based on the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System, which divides criminal offenses into Group A, which includes crimes reported against people and property such as homicide, kidnapping, robbery, arson, and sex offenses, and Group B, which includes arrests for lesser offenses like disorderly conduct, DUI, and trespassing. Group A offenses increased to 12.4 percent over the past year. A total of 48,288 offenses.


Some of those Group A offenses came from homicides. There were 21 total in North Dakota over the past year, which is the most since 22 in 1993. However, DUI arrests are on the decline. They were down a total of 7.1 percent from the previous year and have continued to decrease the past three years.

While statistics are statistics, be safe and be kind to one another out there.

Source: Bismarck Tribune