Dun, Dun Duuuhhhn...It is that time again, where we have to do the one thing we typically dread. Though, in this case, it is kind of nice to have more light throughout the evening hours.


Times Are A-Changin'

Get ready, this Sunday (March 10th) the sun will rise and set an hour later.

Daylight savings time is happening this weekend, so you’ll have to set your clocks forward one hour.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 70 countries observe daylight savings time? This is according to USA today.



The struggle is very real. Have you ever tried to change the time on a microwave? How about a coffee maker? ...Or your car, (which is the worst) it’s not easy. We have to watch YouTube videos and bust out our manuals.

Or maybe we struggled with enough to where we’ve learned how to do it but for the most part part it’s no easy task. Our phones and other electronics tend to do this for us nowadays but many things still don’t.

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There are a couple other things you should remember while you’re changing your clocks:

#1. Check the batteries in your smoke detector. You might as well knock both of those things out while you're up and at it.

#2. Here’s another tip; when you go to change the batteries in your smoke detector, grab the stool. Don’t use a rolling chair. I have done that many times. It’s never pretty I’m just looking out for you.

Love, mom.

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