TikTok's "Devious Licks" Challenge has caused some problems in North Dakota Schools.

We all know about TikTok's "Devious Licks" challenge. And, of course, the nationwide vandalizing and stealing sprees made their way to North Dakota. Not just in the high schools either. It even hit North Dakota college campuses and one is asking for help to stop the devious licks. Because it appears they may be happening again.

North Dakota State University has pled for help catching devious lickers.

According to Valley News Live, North Dakota State University has been made aware that there is a new TikTok video of what appears to be a student who has stolen a road sign. Back in September, the college made a public plea, asking people to report any devious licking that is heard about or spotted. And the school does plan to take action against those who partake in the challenge.

Why do students like doing illegal challenges on camera?

I get that TikTok and challenges are fun, but I can't wrap my mind around how people can be so destructive. I may not be a high school or college student in TikTok's era, but we definitely had dumb challenges in my college days. We were not breaking laws, however. We were doing things like "Planking" and "The Harlem Shake." Who thinks the "Harlem Shake" NEEDS to make a comeback?

How do you feel about North Dakota college students participating in the "Devious Licks" challenge?

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