North Dakota schools have been dealing with students participating in TikTok's "Devious Licks" challenge.

A few weeks ago, Rockin' Rick wrote about TikTok's "Devious Licks" challenge hitting Bismarck. We have heard about students all around the country proudly participating in the thievery - weird flex, right? And some North Dakota schools are sending out warnings that there could be more deviant challenges coming from TikTok in the upcoming months.

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A Fargo principal sent out an email that warns parents of potential new deviant challenges.

According to Inforum, Fargo North High School Principal Travis Christensen sent an email to parents stating that upcoming challenges include "assault, indecent exposure, and vandalism." The email reportedly says that October is the month where students are supposed to "smack a staff member on the backside" and December is the month for exposing "genitals in school hallways."

Inforum also reports that students in North Dakota schools who have participated in the current challenge have been disciplined according to school policy. The upcoming challenges are also being brushed off by some as hoaxes. But it never hurts to be prepared to take action against such deviant behavior.

Will North Dakota students continue to participate in deviant TikTok challenges?

Inforum's story seems to show that educators have mixed opinions on whether or not kids will participate in these supposed new challenges that are on the way. It would not be surprising to hear a couple of instances where students do the challenges for the views. But I am hoping they are all smart enough to realize how stupid it is to do illegal things and put them on social media before it is too late!

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