Our dogs are like our children, while we want to give them everything their hearts desire, sometimes it's not in their best interest.


The Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner, and our pups are sure to be drooling all over our kitchen floors, waiting to get a bite of something delicious, there are a few foods, we should be careful they never get their paws on.


You may give in to their sweet puppy-dog eyes and faces, there are some Thanksgiving foods you absolutely should not be serving your dogs on Thanksgiving.

Here's a list of foods your dogs can't eat on the holiday.

Don't Feed Your Dogs These Foods

1. Onions

According to AKC.org, onions cause damage to red bloods cells , avoid feeding your pups these!

2. Ham

Ham is a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table (Aside from the turkey). While all the humans should absolutely indulge, our dogs shouldn't be fed this delicious meat.

3. Garlic

Don't do it!

4. Leeks

Honestly, I had to look up what a leek actually is; I don't think I've ever eaten one in my life. With that, I can say my dog is safe.

5. Stuffing

To be honest, stuffing isn't good for humans either. According to PetMD, stuffing is packed full of sodium and fats.

6. Grapes

According to WebMd, grapes are associated with kidney damage Feeding these to your dogs can result in sudden kidney failure and even death.

7. Turkey Bone

This one's probably pretty obvious. Turkey bones have sharp edges and can break and tea ra dogs mouth, throat and/or stomach.

That's It

There may be a few things I've missed here, but those are the few I've heard you should avoid. Enjoy your holiday, and thanks for reading!


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