How are you feeling about seeing the family this Christmas?

When you head to see the family for the holidays, are you excited for a few days of all things being merry and bright? Or are you overwhelmed with the fact that there will inevitably be at least one outburst because of political discussions or someone tipping back a few too many spiked eggnogs? If you are concerned about another family holiday gathering being less than storybook perfect, you are not alone.

23% of North Dakotans will be involved with drunken arguments this holiday season.

According to a survey by American Addiction Centers23% of North Dakotans will deal with drunken conflict and arguments during the holiday with their families. And the biggest thing that gets the fighting started actually is the topic of politics. Big shocker, huh?


What should you do if you are faced with conflict this holiday?

Very Well Mind lists several ways a person can deal with the conflict they may be dreading at their holiday celebration. Depending on the severity of the conflict, your decision to deal with the situation ranges from just being polite to completely cutting off the source of conflict.

It is ok to set boundaries with the toxic people at your holiday celebration.

We all have weird stuff in our families, and conflict can be inevitable. But, sometimes boundaries have to be set with toxic people at the holiday celebration. If you cannot handle spending an extended period of time around people and situations that cause you anxiety, it is ok to separate from the situation.

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